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Please Read some of our customer's feedback from the past 15 years

It really great massage after get massage from Dip my body feelings beter my sore spot is away, Dip friendly and understanding human body can fixed right spot I was have a problems. Nara M.

She was excellent, strong hands and caring attitude. Felt so much better afterwards the massage. Thank you David.

Excellent therapist, Professional and get results! I'm long time customer. Highly recommend. LR

She’s a natural, good pressure on key areas and great balance between speed and intensity. Very happy customer Thank you : Clare W.

In all great job. Real professional , please sure to be massage by Dip : Trol J.

Excellent !! Muscles feel released and I feel very relaxed. : Lisa R.

A really great massage and treatment. I feel fantastic. : Boa T.

The massage was brilliant, I was talk through breathing as well. Wonderful job. : Stephanie S.

Excellent massage, excellent pressure & strong. Feel released : Susan M.

Thank you so much Dip for the best therapy you have done what doctors could not and better than what they're going to do to my neck thank you. I highly recommend Dip remedial therapist before anything else. Take  care  thank so much. Darren S.

Best massage this year! Good pressure, good relief on all sore muscles. Excellent ! : Wayne L.

Very good treatment, need to book on a more regular basis. It feels wonderful. Thanks : Maria S.

Dip’s wonderful massage, great way to start and finish, good touch. : Michelle H.

Very specific to my needs, trigger pointed all the right spots, best one ever. : Dennis H.

Very good treatment and massage, would like to book other one. : Maria S.

Maria's very good. Hilary Z.

Had sore hip, feels much better, he also found where my neck was sore to, I feel fantastic . : Lisa F.

Relaxing, worked on targeted areas, very good use of stretching, very well done. : Dennis H.

Very good at his job, very professional . Found the sore point and work on it! : Antony S.

 After have a massage here I feel better than I did before my motorcycle accident six months ago where I fractured vertebrae and ribs. I highly recommend this place. C Pascho

After one massage with Dip, the insomnia I had suffered for years was cured. I wasn’t expecting miracles, and was extremely surprised with the incredible difference a weekly massage has made to my healthy in a myriad of ways. The lower back pain from a horse riding accident has completely gone. My skin has become glowing and healthy from the lymphatic drainage. My emotional well being has improved dramatically. My muscle soreness from fibromyalgia is significantly improved, after years of pain, I now enjoy my life, thanks to Dips healing and incomparable massages. After trying many different masseurs since the early 1980’s, Dip by far is the most talented massage therapist for physical and spiritual well being. My skin has improved so much, I no longer wear makeup and people often comment I look ten years younger. I’m able to overcome stress far more easily and I’m extremely grateful to Dip for healing me when doctors had failed. My sister also found Dips massage healed a long term injury. I cannot recommend Dip highly enough. Kristina S

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