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Traditional Thai Massage - "Nuad Phaen Thai"

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Thai massage or "Thai yoga massage" Called Nuad Phaen Thai in Thai

is a traditional healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. In the Thai language it is usually called nuad phaen thai or nuad phaen boran, though its formal name is nuad thai according to the Traditional Thai Medical

Treching back
Traditional Thai massage or Thai Yoga massage

What is the difference between Thai massage and regular massage?

Whereas Swedish and deep tissue massages take place atop a massage table, Thai massages take place upon a floor mat or Thai massage table that bigger and stronger than normal massage table. During a Thai massage, the masseuse moves all around and above the client to access a wider range of angles over each part of the body, even in cases when the client is much larger than the masseuse. Thai masseuse may use legs and feet during the massage. Oftentimes, they will use a combination of both to gain leverage as they initiate deep stretches of the client's arms, legs, hips and shoulders. The customer leave clots on and no oil applies.

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