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Hot Stone Massage

What does a hot stone massage do?

Studies show that a hot stone massage may be a helpful way to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and ease pain and muscle tension. It may be helpful for a variety of conditions and circumstances.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

  • Relieve muscle spasm, pain, tension & improve the muscle relaxation.

  • Improves blood circulation and flow of energy

  • Significantly reduce stress & anxiety

  • Helps to reduce & manage stress

  • Helps to promote better sleeps

  • Releases toxins & improves skin appearance

  • Helps to create a sense of comfort and warmth

  • Helps in increasing joint flexibility

  • Helps in relieving the symptoms of autoimmune diseases

  • Helps in decreasing cancer symptoms

Hot stone massage very popular in Australia we add into our service for customers to tryout, will be suitable for Ballarat weather. In this process, the stones are heated by using a professionally designed heater with a thermometer for checking the water temperature which is generally kept between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. As everyone can bear heat to a different extent, it is important for the therapist to ensure that the temperature of the stone suits the person having the massage. It is also important for the person to inform the therapist if he feels any discomfort. However, the therapist puts towel between the placement stones and the skin so that it does not get a burn. Please check out on our Service. Booking Require!!

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